A Cop Story

FRONT ROW SEAT is a novel about what it means to be a police officer, and the inevitable ways in which the job changes the people who choose to take it on. Donna Harris is an accomplished rookie eager to put her training into action, though she is somewhat naïve about the day to day reality of police work, and has a lot to learn about the citizens she serves and protects. Gerald Dennen is Donna’s field training officer, and is trying to impart all the wisdom he has accumulated over the years while struggling against some disillusionment with his career. Their sergeant, Mitch Reilly, is at the end of his career and has seen more than he’d like of the world in this job, but it still dedicated to serving to the best of his ability until he reaches retirement.


"The tag line “This isn’t a crime novel, it’s a cop story” caught my attention. I’m an avid reader and thought, well that’s interesting... little did I know just how riveting this story would prove to be. This book held my attention from page 1 through the final chapter. I WANT MORE! This new author has nailed the art of storytelling, bringing the main character to life in a way some seasoned authors have yet to achieve. If you are a lover of books, of story’s, of “good times” this book belongs in your hands, you won’t be disappointed, on the contrary, you honestly won’t want it to end."
I honestly did NOT want it to end, I want MORE!